Eraclio Barrucci

In 1948 Eraclio Barrucci founded the company

The general recovery of the economic situation and the reopening of the markets positively influence the reconstruction of the Italian post-war period.

The sixties are characterized by strong investments in the sector.

Subsequently, the organization of the company evolved, supporting the primary activity of building contractors with design and architectural interventions.

In the eighties the first generational change

We are in the eighties, when Eraclio Barrucci accompanies the passage of the new generation with son, Carlo who, strong of an ancient tradition, consolidates the company in a research laboratory, analysis and application of industrial engineering with a modern entrepreneurial style.

A serious and advanced commitment that develops in various technological sectors: from road and hydraulic works to civil and industrial construction, together with restoration and restructuring.

All this with a common denominator: the environmental care has always been a protagonist in all interventions.

A company that has always been at the forefront

While respecting the environment as our founding principle, the company has always been a protagonist with major interventions ranging from the construction of schools, sports facilities, commercial facilities, expansion of industrial plants and entire structures.

Another jewel in the crown is the construction of hydraulic works with aqueducts, sewage pipes, purification plants and conservation works for the defense and safeguard of the hydromineral basin of the rivers.

The Barrucci Group today

Filippo Venditti

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