It all started with Eraclio Barrucci

Eraclio Barrucci founded the business in 1948, while the general recovery of the economic situation and the reopening of the markets positively influenced the reconstruction of the Italian post-war period.

The sixties are characterized by strong investments in the sector.

Subsequently, the organization of the company evolves, supporting the primary basic activity with architectural and design interventions.

We are in the eighties, when Eraclio Barrucci accompanies the passage of the new generation that, thanks to an ancient tradition, consolidates the company in a research laboratory, analysis and application of industrial engineering with a modern entrepreneurial style.

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Eraclio Barrucci

Industrial and Civil Construction since 1948

Thanks to the third generation, the Barrucci family intends to evolve the company in the context of globalization, offering a partnership that is based on the Made in Italy in building construction, adopting cutting-edge design and construction techniques.


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